How To Use Task Table?

A lot of important main TMB modules are using the Task Table we created in the software, such as Txt File Follower, Advanced Follower, Search And Follow, Unfollower, Retweet/Favorite, Tweet Poster And DM Sender modules. We’re gonna teach you how to use the Task Table in this guide.

Here is a Task Table, we will use the Advanced Follower module for example:

[1] Choose an account and [2] choose a parameter: You need to choose an account and parameter first to be able to add a task to the Task Table. (If you didn’t add your twitter accounts to the TMB yet, click > Accounts in the Main GUI of TMB, enter your accounts and click > Save)

If you added your tasks to the Task Table then you need to Right-click on the Task Table to open your Task Table Menu.

There are 2 ways to Start your ready tasks on the right-click menu: Start Selected Task Only & Start Ready Tasks With The Scheduler…

[3] Start Selected Task Only: If you want to start the selected task only, you can use this option. And while your selected task is running on the table, you can apply this option to the other tasks on your table manually, and your other tasks will be started too. So you can work with your multiple tasks/accounts  at the same time in this way, it’s called multi-threaded process.

[4] Start Ready Tasks With The Scheduler: This feature will start all your ready tasks in order one by one and automatically on the table. It will start your next task x minutes later, you can set it up in the Scheduler [9] section. If you put 0 (zero) as settings in the Scheduler, the bot will not wait to start the next task when your current running task is finished.

[5] Stop All The Tasks On This Module: This option will stop all your tasks on that form and that form will be closed. Remember that you can work with unlimited forms on Twitter Money Bot. For example every time you click the Advanced Follower module on the main form/menu/GUI of TMB, it will create a different and new Advanced Follower platform/module/form for you.

[6] Add All Your Accounts To The Task Table: It is a very quick way to add all your accounts to the table, but it will use the same parameter you chose on [2]

[7], [8] Save And Load Tasks: You can always save your different tasks and load them to the task table again to run them again. It will save lots of time for you, you don’t even have to create new tasks from scratch every time you run the TMB.

[10] Settings For The Module: Random delay will choose a random number between your choices, and it will wait between tasks (follows / unfollows etc.). And you can also limit your follows.